Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday 4/9/2012

Well it appears it's that time again.
What time is that, Ben?
Time to pull out the cat trap.
The situation had improved by itself for quite a while now,
not finding any cat poop or destroyed vegetation.

Which has completely changed in the last few days.  Poop
in my decorative landscaping rock but more to the point: trampled
vegetation, ie: my ground covering plants that are currently flowering.
That is maddening - at least to me - and I won't allow it.

I know, it's just cats destroying your property, right?  Why bother?
Uh-huh.  Maybe if it were your property that you had spent countless
hours/afternoons/weekends and money and energy going out and getting
all that stuff and then, after all the hard work of digging holes into ground
that is full of rocks, watching them grow, then installing a drip irrigation system
to water them with - perhaps if you had spent 3 years doing all of that, you
might think a bit differently as well.  Walk a mile in another man's shoes..........

My neighbors - the people that own or feed all those cats - could care
less, as they have let it be known exceedingly well.  No worries on the
cats, I am not going to harm them in any way, shape or form.  If I catch one,
it's simply going to be relocated to a completely new area where it can set
up shop and do it's thing somewhere else : ).  Probably an industrial area,
where there are usually plenty of pigeons and mice to feed on.

As soon as a cat disappears, the s*** will start all over again. Oh well.  I am
simply not going to let a bunch of hoarders - which includes animal hoarding -
dictate and rule my life.

I am hoping Mark will get in the trailer today and tear out the old carpet.
He did that with the ruined section without my asking him, though we had \
discussed it.  But if not, I will do it myself.

Lynnette is in a mode again.  Not a mood, a mode.  Perhaps the mode is linked
to a mood, but still.  This will go on for a good month at least.  I will not go into
the details but it's kind of ridiculous to have to tolerate that around here.  Whatever.

In any case, it's almost time to be off to work and I wanna take a glance at the news.



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