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Wednesday 4/11/2012

They had put a run in our truck routing system to take 2 large machines up to a contractor up in the mountains for delivery tomorrow.  And then 2 hours later, they removed it. Ouch!!! I haven't been out of town in the semi in quite a long time now.  In fact, most of the runs I am doing take me no more than 10 miles away from the yard.  Kinda gets old after a while, a little mix-it-up once in a while would be nice.
But I guess that ain't happening this week.  
I came home from work yesterday and Duke was sick. I was like, NOT AGAIN.  He was very warm, like he had a fever so I gave him a couple of low dosage aspirin, fed him some treats because he wouldn't touch his regular dog food and then thought about the possibility of yet another dog going down.
So with great relief this morning to find his temp back down and an extremely hungry dog.  Hopefully whatever it was is gone and no longer a factor.
Getting warm again around these parts, but I guess the temps are supposed to go ba…