Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th - 4/13/2012

Supposed to rain this weekend, that would be awesome!
I called Direct TV yesterday and got connected with the disconnect department.  I decided that I was going to cancel Direct TV and get Dish Network - Direct TV keeps raising their prices and I have had enough of it.  I like Direct TV far better than Dish Network, but since I don't watch that much television anymore, I really don't care what's in the house as long as tenants have something to watch.

I figured I would call them before making that step - contacted Dish and "signing" a contract and give them one final opportunity.  The best department to get anything done in that scenario is disconnection.  The guy was all over it.  He took off 2 charges which brought my bill down $12 per month and then suggested I take a look at a different programming package.  Said I would lose some sports channels but would keep most ofthe rest of it and would drop my monthly rate by another $14.

I was very happy with getting it down immediately $12 per month without having to change programming and told the man that I would compare the other package with the one I have and decide at a later time if I want to change it.  Not sure, didn't look yet.  I will have to make sure first that changing it doesn't automatically give me another 2 year contract.  Direct TV is sneaky about that junk and I always ask before doing anything if they are going to try to corner me into that.  They have told me no in the past only to come back and find out that they did anyway - of course, that sends me over to HQ and however long it takes for them to remove it.

Well, whatever.  I have to get off to work.

Happy, lucky, Friday the 13th!



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