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Friday the 13th - 4/13/2012

Supposed to rain this weekend, that would be awesome!
I called Direct TV yesterday and got connected with the disconnect department.  I decided that I was going to cancel Direct TV and get Dish Network - Direct TV keeps raising their prices and I have had enough of it.  I like Direct TV far better than Dish Network, but since I don't watch that much television anymore, I really don't care what's in the house as long as tenants have something to watch.

I figured I would call them before making that step - contacted Dish and "signing" a contract and give them one final opportunity.  The best department to get anything done in that scenario is disconnection.  The guy was all over it.  He took off 2 charges which brought my bill down $12 per month and then suggested I take a look at a different programming package.  Said I would lose some sports channels but would keep most ofthe rest of it and would drop my monthly rate by another $14.

I was very happy with getting …