Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday 4/15/2012

Getting ominously close to May, unfortunately.
May means distinctive increase in temps leading up to hell in June.
Well whatever. I am attempting to mentally prepare myself for another hot summer.  It isn't exactly working out too well and I am not going to like the adjustment period.

Well anyway.  Went to the shooting range yesterday and opted to leave the shotgun at home. Once there, I wished I had brought it, though.  I like to shoot off a few rounds out of it every here and there to get and stay used to the feel of it.  But no biggies.  Ran about 100 rounds through the .40 caliber  and even more through the rifle plus even more through mom's guns.  She has a brand new .38 which is surprisingly more powerful than I thought it would be.  Nice, small gun too, easily concealable.

Not in the market for guns right now, however, I have other fish to fry.  Namely, starting on getting money built up on the M-Power/electricity reader for the hot summer to come.  It costs at least $100 per week to keep the AC on around here in the summer.

Long interlude. I wrote the rest of this entry and it disappeared as soon as I tried to post it.  I forgot that I had logged onto another Google account which automatically logs you out of the one you are currently on. I am not writing that all over again.

But, I will encapsulate it.  I was taking the 3 dogs out for a walk.  Sophie was going crazy and I was attempting to calm her down.  We go out of the gate. She jumps all over the place again, the stupid collar the lady that insisted I use when I got her came right off. No more.  I HATE those collars.  I should have ditched when I got home with her. I took Prince and Duke for a walk anyway and did not chase after that dog, it is futile. She is way too fast.  When I got their walk done, I got in my car, found her and amazingly, she jumped right into my door after I opened it. She now has Coco's old chain collar on her neck and that situation won't be happening again.

As for tonight? It's time for bed. Work week looms.



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