Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday 4/17/2012

I was AT work at 5:00 am this morning.
Contractor at Intel wanted me out  there with their stuff that early.
I don't know, I just do whatever they want.
But it's 8:00 pm and I'm exhausted and going to bed after I write this.
Which won't take long, cause' I'm SO tired I am easily irritated and there
are so many people walking through here making "comments" right now?
I'm outta here shortly.  Finish what I was doing and get gone.\

Friday night at church?  Prophets are going to be there.   I am going. I asked
my son via Facebook to go, too, I would be VERY interested in what
the Lord might have to say to him through them.

Ahhh, blahh. I would love to write out an entry like I normally do, but I am too
tired for it.

Hope you all are doing well.


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