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Wednesday 4/18/2012

Just not sleeping well.  Considering trying the newest sleep aid that supposedly helps you sleep through the night.  I hate waking up at midnight/1:am/2:am/whatever.  I don't lay there trying to go back to sleep anymore, I get up or get the laptop and sit up in bed and try to tire/bore myself back to sleep - which works far better than tossing and turning.

Onto other things.  Caleb.  He was given the green light: they are definitely having him up there at that kid's camp in the mountains again this year.  He called and told me the good news this afternoon.  He also asked if I could take him up there again.  Sure, why not?  What day?  The 12th of June.  Falls on a Tuesday.  I will simply ask for the time off I wanted anyway - which in this case would be 4 days off.

I am, of course, hoping/assuming that trailer will already be up there by then. Unfortunately, taking Caleb up to his place and taking the dogs along with us so I can just go back to the trailer instead of all…