Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday 4/19/2012

I don't particularly care for checks floating around that aren't cashed.  So it is every time I send these people a check to make payment on the trailer.  They've had it for 2 weeks and finally it went through last night.  ONE more payment on that and it frees up $200 a month.  Which is good, cause' summer is almost here and that money will be needed for electricity.

I'm definitely leaning more and more towards selling it if I can get what I paid for it out of it.  It's in good condition but who knows what the market for such things is right now.  I won't take less than I paid for it, that's a fact.  So it might sit there for a while if that's the case.

You see the corruption going on with that Federal agency with the lavish parties and then you come online in the morning and find a woman that has allegedly stolen 30 million from a small town, apparently over the course of a long period of time and then you wonder: how much MORE of this is going on?

Pay taxes so thieves can live a lavish lifestyle and wave it in our faces?

Whatever the case, the work day is here, must be leaving now.



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