Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday 4/20/2012

Just got home from church - it's 11:20 pm, hours past my bedtime.  But I am awake and need to wind down a bit.
I took Caleb with me who got a very concise word from the Lord through one of the ministers that was there.  It was a great service, haven't spent that much time in a service since I was - shunned some years ago now.

Well, at work, they didn't want me to go over 40, but ended up with almost 45 anyway.  A 2 man operation with a lot of work and very high GP?  It really shouldn't bother them that much, it is what it is.

Mark removed the carpet out of the trailer 2 days ago, which made me very happy.  I need only to buy some carpet glue and some staples and away we go.  When I get that done, it will be the home stretch, baby.

It's warming up.  Near 100 degrees today.  AC on most of the day.  Not much fun, but what are you going to do?

Nothing much here.  Just throwing things out there.  I'm tired - but I am REALLY tired of these stupid polls that keep coming out daily of the "race" between Obama and Romney.  The election isn't until when, 7 months from now? Do they keep putting these polls out to try and sway people's vote?  I don't trust polls that much, anyway.  They can word a poll in such a way to get whatever results they want out of if, from what I have seen.

I am having a person over tomorrow - if they show up that is - to take some more pond plants.  I really need to weed out some of it.  That particular pond is a bit overgrown with plants and some thinning is definitely in the plans.

Nothing more to see here.



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