Sunday, April 22, 2012

I may start scaling back my entries a bit.  Not quitting, but I didn't write one yesterday. Seems like I am pretty much saying the same things over and over and that makes for some boring reading.

But, today was a bit different day for me. I went to church Friday night - and was up so late that I was pretty tired on Saturday - but definitely worth going.  Today, the same prophets were in the church.  I sat there and listened to the message and then they started calling out people.  I didn't realize that these prophets know many of the people in the church.  I have only seen one of them attending the church - once, the other couple I had never seen before.

Well, anyway, the went through all of that and then called up everyone who hadn't been prayed for on either of the 2 days, which I had not.  I had already prayed and asked the Lord for one specific thing to happen if I were to get prayed over.  Not that I am dictating terms to the Lord, but certainly, what I was asking was definitely not out of line with anything found in the Word of God.

So, when I went up there and stood in line, I contemplated the scenario.  Kind of getting into mind games, I guess, while listening to them ministering to other people near me.  When the prophet got to me, he didn't ask me anything.   Instead, he put his hand on my chest and began praying and speaking forth exactly what I had prayed and asked the Lord earlier.  I know people have a hard time with the idea of current-day prophets, but they certainly exist and there aren't just a handful of them out there, either.

I am not going to go into the details of what I had asked the Lord for and/or what the man prayed over me, really, quite personal stuff to be honest and even I am not divulging that kind of thing on the World Wide Web. But, a great fog lifted off of me this morning.  The joy of the Lord filled my inner man and I found myself laughing heartily.  I went and sat back down on my chair and felt as if I had taken some drugs.  I sat there until they were all ready to leave, the ministers that is, as I couldn't find it in myself to get up and go.  Not because I wanted to hang out with ministers, but because the presence of the Lord was so unbelievably powerful there today.

That has been, for the most part, my weekend.  Yesterday I did much of nothing, too tired.  Though I did find out that the AC unit on my trailer - is working - but not putting out cold enough air to bring the temp down that much.  The air coming out of it is cold, but not cold enough.  It needs freon, I am guessing.  They don't have ports on those older units - well I don't know if they have them on newer ones, either - to add more.  You actually have to cut into the copper tubing and install a port, I guess, to be able to add it.  If I had access to a torch and brazing rods, I could probably install my own port - but I do not have access to such.

I don't have the money right now to pay someone to come out and do that for me, so that's kind of up in the air at this point.  I dunno.  If I am determined to have it fixed, that's going to put off moving it for a while.  Push comes to shove? Might take it up there, anyway.  We'll see.

Well whatever.  I'm going to bed early tonight - which is really early for most people, lol.



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