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I may start scaling back my entries a bit.  Not quitting, but I didn't write one yesterday. Seems like I am pretty much saying the same things over and over and that makes for some boring reading.

But, today was a bit different day for me. I went to church Friday night - and was up so late that I was pretty tired on Saturday - but definitely worth going.  Today, the same prophets were in the church.  I sat there and listened to the message and then they started calling out people.  I didn't realize that these prophets know many of the people in the church.  I have only seen one of them attending the church - once, the other couple I had never seen before.

Well, anyway, the went through all of that and then called up everyone who hadn't been prayed for on either of the 2 days, which I had not.  I had already prayed and asked the Lord for one specific thing to happen if I were to get prayed over.  Not that I am dictating terms to the Lord, but certainly, what I was asking …