Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday 4/24/2012

We took a video this weekend of Duke eating a loaf of bread.  It's hilarious.  The dog doesn't chew bread, he simply swallows it whole.  Completely spaced out loading that up to YouTube, gonna have to do that today after work.

A change is coming into my life - more like a reversion to the ways and the walk with the Lord I once had and shook off.  Bad thing to do, I can tell you, leaving your walk with the Lord, that is.  Not that I consciously told the Lord one day that I want nothing more to do with Him, more like allowing the world and it's ways to creep in and become a way of living.  There is, in reality, nothing good in this World, at least those things that are void of Christ, which are most things.

I don't have anyone to blame but myself.  The divorce was a nightmare, yes.  The church shunning me was the icing on a rotten cake, definitely.  Old friends moving on to other churches and never seeing them again? I brushed that one off.  I learned long ago that if that's the way a "friend" acts towards you when the going gets rough, then they were never your friends to begin with.  I never treated them that way, I can assure you, and I was always there for them.

But I was not guiltless.  But as I start to get back into the Word much more than anything I have been doing in the last 7 years, well, it's certainly enlightening - if you believe, of course.  If you read the Word and don't believe, then it may not do any good - though God says His word shall not return unto him void.  Well, I believe.  God is good.  I can finally say I believe I am coming out of it.  Whatever I have gone through with the church is the past.  The current church I am in is a very good one, I just haven't seen it that way because I have been viewing it through tainted eyes, ie: the church that shunned me.

Whatever the case, this walk with the Lord is good.  I have missed it so much.  God is so good to us.  I am hungry for the Word again, a thing I haven't really had in a long, long time now.  I am hungry to fulfill my purpose and destiny - whatever that may be - on this earth and then, finally, move onto to be with Him.



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