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Thursday 4/26/2012

When one sets out to get off the road that leads to destruction and back onto the path that leads to eternal life - through the narrow gate - one is then, I am finding out, attacked in so many different ways from the enemy that it becomes glaringly obvious that the enemy is behind all of it and that he isn't exactly happy that - God is greater, thank you Lord.

After much reflection, I realize that I had completely given up even attempting to walk with the Lord, just do my own thing and keep to myself.   The carnal nature of man is not in love with the Word of God - you know, the words written in the Bible.  It loves to do whatever it wants to - those things that are evil; worldly, anything that is not of God.  Raising my hand: guilty.  

I started reading through the book of James.  If you want to find printed words, from God, that will rile your flesh, simply start reading in that book.  Faith without works is dead.  Count it all joy when you are confronted with trials and tribula…