Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday 4/28/2012

I figured it wouldn't be cheap, but now my suspicions have been verified.  To add freon to my travel trailer's roof ac unit, they will have to install a port.  Well, installing the port means all the freon will leak out while they're doing it.  Meaning they will have to evacuate the system and then completely recharge it.  Price tag? $250.

Now, I am sitting here wondering whether I should think about dumping another $250 into that AC system or not.  It puts out cool air, but not cold air.  Not cold enough to keep the unit cool, anyway, when it's hot outside.    The problem with dumping that kind of money into it is that it is an old AC unit and I have no clue how much longer it will last.  A month, a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years?  If I knew I could get at least a couple of years out of it, then yes, it would be worth it.

Of course that's figuring that I even have $250 to spend on it right now.  I have the money to move that thing up north stashed away.  I have another $300 in savings on top of that.  Humph.  I am going to have to make up my mind soon about this one because it's getting close to the time to get that thing hauled up there, less than a month away and I do not want to put it off.


I called them back, the service company that is.  The woman stated that it isn't always a freon issue, that the condenser can get clogged up over time and limit the amount of air flowing through it.  Ummmm, okay, thanks for the info, I am going to try cleaning it out before I call you folks to come over.  I'll spend 10 cents on water to flush the thing out before spending a grand total of $316 to have freon pumped into it.

And hootinnannyholler.  After I thoroughly sprayed the condenser out with water, the temperature of the air coming out of the unit is MUCH colder!!!  So, I am going to run it for a few hours and we'll see what happens.  It would be VERY nice if I didn't have to spend anymore money on that unit.  It was also very nice of that lady to give away that information for free, lol.  I did thank her quite nicely for the information.

That was the concern of the day, really.  I have other things to do, but that was the priority.  If it does, indeed, cool it down nicely in there, then I will install the new padding/carpet - to the best of my ability anyway.  It's ready to be installed.  After that?  Well, not that much.  Not anything costly, anyway.  I have my new microwave, coffee pot, nice used queen mattress, the roof is all but done, just a few touch up areas, it has a new refrigerator and the propane system is now working in it (hot water/cooking).

It's been a long, drawn-out project but will be worth the effort once I get it up there.  I'm looking at either the 12th or 19th of May - a Saturday - to have it dragged up there.  Not sure yet.  Mom has already given her stamp of approval to have it towed onto her property whether she is up there or not.  But, waiting until she goes up might be better.

Once it's up there, then the work has just begun.  Will have to install a fence around it to be able to let the dogs out without having to supervise them all the time.  Will have to work out the situation with the satellite dish and running a cable. Thanks for reminding myself: I still need to get a satellite box for it.  Totally forgot about that, going to start searching Craigslist as soon as I am done with this entry.

Anyway, Memorial Day is near the end of May and it would be cool to have that 3 day weekend to spend much of it up there if I can get it up there by then and get everything situated.  Of course, another test is whether I will be able to get on the internet up there or not - no clue yet.  Deal breaker?  No, but I know I will want to be able to get online.  The only other alternative is satellite internet which is both costly and I've heard doesn't really work that well, so probably would pass on that as well.

Whoops!  The price of satellite internet has come down substantially.  New customer offer of $39.00 per month.  But the equipment for $199 or lease it for nothing.  That is a FAR cry different than the last time I looked at the pricing - substantially higher!  But it's a monthly expense I would rather not incur and use that money in savings instead.  I don't want to have to pay for 3 different sources of internet service, I am already pay for 2.  Home service and mobile broadband.

Well whatever, before this entry drags into the everlasting one, better close it down.  Just checked the temp in there, down to 80 degrees.   I have Mark fixing the heavy cover that goes over a big window in it - close that and I am sure the temp will come down substantially considering the sun is shining right through that window, heating everything up.



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