Sunday, April 29, 2012

I called my mother today.
God continues to astound and amaze me.
I don't know what to say.

She is going to church, today, probably leaving anytime soon now.

I could not possibly devote the amount of words and time it would take to go
into all of what that means here.  That my mother is going to any church is a
true miracle in itself.

I am elated, concerned and ecstatic - I am hopeful and believe the best outcome
here.  That she will go - and that whatever needs to happen, God will make that
come to pass and that she will go again and again.

Until.  Need I say the rest?

Until Him.  Until the Lord.  Until our Savior.

This situation will envelop me for some time to come.
It will take up my energy and thought.  My mother - oh my Lord and God, to come
and REALLY know the love of our Lord.

Sunday 4/29/2012

The thought occurs to me - just about every Sunday morning at this time - that I really don't need or want to go church.  I know the source of those thoughts and this morning I simply and utterly reject them.

As for the trailer AC, the temp inside the unit came down to around 75 degrees in there yesterday - that was cooling the entire unit with the front air outlets aimed toward the back room.  I believe it got up to 95 degrees yesterday, so, good enough.  It doesn't get hotter than that up in the mountains - or if it ever does, it certainly doesn't stay up there that long. I am going to get up on the trailer roof one more time and give the coil another good bathing in water to make sure all or as much of the dirt that I can get out of there - is out and call it good.

I don't get much peace around here on Sunday mornings any more, a thing that greatly irritates me.  I don't want to sound petty, but Mark and Lynnette walk in and out and in and out, continuously.  Well, mostly Mark with Lynnette going in and out of the bathroom repeatedly.  It's just one day of the week and just a few hous of the day, I guess that's too much to ask.  I don't get the constant in and out stuff, though.

I wrote up yet another ad for giving away some fish and plants.  I have far too many fish in the ponds - they have been multiplying and it's getting to be too much.  The filters are clogging up too fast and I want to thin out the amount of fish in there. Well there we go, a couple of replies already, hopefully one of them will pan out.

Well I'm not going to drag this one out.  Church in an hour.



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