Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There is not much going on in my life that is more disconcerting as having people pointing fingers at you for situations that you (I) did not cause.  This morning is one of them.  2 orders to be pulled, loaded and had to be at the job site by no later than 7:00am.  Okay.  Pulled the orders, loaded them onto the truck and yes, was here (I am currently sitting at this job site) right at 7:00am.

When I pulled up to the unloading area, the foreman was visibly upset.  No pipe on the truck.  What pipe?  The orders showed nothing about pipe.  I read and re-read orders over and over because I do not want to be the source of a problem that - in this company - ends up going into everyone's ears.  There are some things about the company that I work for that I definitely do not like, this is one of them.  Every company has it's set of problems, obviously, but I am not a big fan of people going around talking trash about other employees behind their back.

Regardless, the pipe was not on the order.  Yet, my manager and I are being blamed for not bringing out the pipe.  Why?  Because allegedly, it was in a "memo" on the order itself.  Well, I checked the memo's this morning.  I looked at my company email account - a memo in the order will send it to whoever the intended recipient's email address is.  Nothing.  So, how does one get blamed for not delivering a product that one did not know needed to be delivered?  Yes, indeed.  But, that's what happens in our company - there are numerous individuals who will never take responsibility for their actions and always blame everyone else for mistakes.

Whatever.  Bowling tonight.  haven't been in a long time.  Our church group decided that we are going bowling this week for our meeting.  Bowling isn't cheap and when it was decided that we were going to do that, I had the distinct feeling that someone in that group was not going to come because they could not afford it.  I offered to pay for that individual - I had an inkling of who the person was, too.  Yes, well after my offer, the group leaders wrote back and told me that a mom and her kid would like to take up that offer.  Okay.  Anonymous, please, keep it anonymous.  They said they would "try their best".

My son texts my ex wife yesterday telling her that he's going in for surgery. Surgery? For what? I get the call after he texts her from her asking if I knew anything about this (as if I had I had known but intentionally was keeping the information from her).  I decided to take the "high road" and simply not engage her as she had started to engage me.  No, sorry, I know nothing about it but I would guess he's referring to that in-grown toenail that they should have dealt with the second time he went in there.  She had not been able to get him on the phone to ask him what was going on, which is why we were guessing.  Yup, that's what it turned out to be. They numbed it up and cut half of his toenail off, end of story.  They should have done that the first time he went in, but if not, definitely the second.  This was his third visit.

Meanwhile, I am hot on the search for someone or some company to tow the trailer.  I think I may have found one.  The ad says up to $350 for up to 350 miles.  Well, that sounds very promising, the guy is going to give me a quote later on today.

That's it.  Still haven't installed the carpet - procrastinating I guess, lol. Ain't gonna happen today.  When I get off of work I am going to go home, take a nap and try to refresh myself for this evening's bowling adventure.  There are a few other issues with the trailer, but I am probably not going to do anything about it.

Tuesday 5/1/2012

The people that were going to move my trailer up to the mountains?  Are leaving for Colorado on Monday and won't be back until September.  Uggggh.  I contacted the other individual that said they would do it - no reply yet and that was almost 24 hours ago.

Well isn't that wonderful.  I posted another ad on Craigslist.  To use a company to have it hauled up there will cost around $600 to $700.  Yup.  A lot of money.  I have no choice but to start the search all over again and hope that either someone responds to my Craigslist ad or I can find someone - somehow - to do it.  Hmmm.  Maybe I'll stop in at RV World and see if there might be anyone that has left a card or a service that has their service posted somewhere.

Well, that ended my time for writing, lol, as I got involved in searching the internet for any kind of service that hauls RV's.  Found a local one and submitted a quote request.

Anyway, off to work.



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