Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday 5/2/2012

Bowling last night was fun.  Of course, it was made funner by the fact that I was getting the highest scores, lol.  It didn't take long to start hitting the spare and some strikes to ratchet the score up enough to win.

Allegedly a trip to Globe today.  Globe is in the mountains - been there many times with this job, but haven't been anytime recently.  My manager doesn't want me to have to do it because there is no profit in it for our store.  Understandable, but I have been grinding in the valley every day at this job for months and months now, a nice trip out of town, even if only half a day's worth - will be nice.

But, I always throw in the "alleged" part because things often change.  There was nothing in our truck routing system as of yesterday when I left the premises to do other than that run.  We'll see.  The delivery is of a giant fusion machine - it is a heat welder.  It welds large diameter pipe together.  This particular type of pipe is widely used in mining operations since it's plastic and does not corrode.  More pointedly, that you can pump sulphuric acid through it and it will do nothing to the plastic.

So, I am hopeful : )

No more time for this entry, gotta get to work.


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