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Thursday 5/4/2012

So, the 5th person that was going to give me a quote kept putting me off. "I'll call you back in an hour" - and never called back.  Then it was: "I'll call you this evening", which also didn't materialize.  I called him yet again and he gave me the put-off for the last time.  I told him he could keep his services and that I would be finding someone else to do it, NO THANKS.  The problem is, even if he were to give me a good quote, do I trust that the person is actually going to show up at the appointed time considering the short history I already have with him?

The 3rd person who said he could do it on the 19th also has not written back to confirm, even though I sent him emails asking him to do so.  So I blew him off as well.  Back to the drawing board.

I'm at the office this morning talking to my manager about it and he brings up one of the salesmen's names.  Ohhh? I didn't know he had a 5th wheel on his pickup.  Never saw one on it, thoug…