Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sophie - the new doggy - was supposed to have her coat trimmed today for summer heat purposes.  
At 7:30 am, the woman promised yesterday, she would be over here. Okay.  7:30?  Came and went.  9:00 am this person calls me and tells me she overslept.

Typical Craigslist junk.  I contacted a company off of Craiglist and they are coming on Wednesday to do the job.  

I did not go to church today.  For whatever reason that I cannot explain, it was not in me to go to church.  The whole thought of doing so had completely vanished.  I instead focused my energies on getting the carpet installed in that trailer. I am hardly an expert, but I am doing the best I can.  I have the bath/toilet area - small area but lots of turns - left to go and some trimming to go.  I will also probably get some wood trim.  I knew it would take a lot of time to install that carpet and I was not wrong.   It really is a good thing that the move doesn't take place until 2 weekends from now. 

I set the cat trap out last night replete with tuna fish.  No takers.  It's still out there.  I don't know how frequently cats are out there at night.  I just know the aftermath when they do show up.

4 day work week en-queue.  
Friday off.  I took it off because I was going to lose even more hours in vacation accrual.  But on Friday, I was looking at the new plan.  I am getting 100 hours per year of vacation time.  It was at 80 hours but I have no clue when they upped it by 20 hours.  I'm going to take 4 days off next month and probably a couple in July.  If Caleb and I go to San Diego again this year - he really wants to go, he brought up the subject - then I am definitely going to have at least a 4 day weekend for that.  So, maybe use my floating holidays, though I should still have 40 hours of vacation time at that point.  

So, yeah, I"m ready for some time off.  3 day weekend is nice, but I'm looking forward to 6 days off in a row. I haven't even asked for it - yet - but I will be. Starting on the 12th.  Well there is also Memorial Day weekend, which is another 3 day weekend this month.  The point is that weekends just fly by.  Not that vacations don't either, but there is a good chunk of difference between a 2-day weekend and 6 days off. Or if I just go for it, I'll take the entire week off and that will equal 9 days off in a row.  

Ummm, well I haven't really made my mind up yet.  

What I do know?

It's close to my bedtime and I am retiring to the bedroom for the evening.


My plan for today accomplished. Hook the trailer up to the Jeep for the first time, haul it over to the town where my stuff is in storage, ...