Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sophie - the new doggy - was supposed to have her coat trimmed today for summer heat purposes.  
At 7:30 am, the woman promised yesterday, she would be over here. Okay.  7:30?  Came and went.  9:00 am this person calls me and tells me she overslept.

Typical Craigslist junk.  I contacted a company off of Craiglist and they are coming on Wednesday to do the job.  

I did not go to church today.  For whatever reason that I cannot explain, it was not in me to go to church.  The whole thought of doing so had completely vanished.  I instead focused my energies on getting the carpet installed in that trailer. I am hardly an expert, but I am doing the best I can.  I have the bath/toilet area - small area but lots of turns - left to go and some trimming to go.  I will also probably get some wood trim.  I knew it would take a lot of time to install that carpet and I was not wrong.   It really is a good thing that the move doesn't take place until 2 weekends from now. 

I set the cat trap out last night replete with tuna fish.  No takers.  It's still out there.  I don't know how frequently cats are out there at night.  I just know the aftermath when they do show up.

4 day work week en-queue.  
Friday off.  I took it off because I was going to lose even more hours in vacation accrual.  But on Friday, I was looking at the new plan.  I am getting 100 hours per year of vacation time.  It was at 80 hours but I have no clue when they upped it by 20 hours.  I'm going to take 4 days off next month and probably a couple in July.  If Caleb and I go to San Diego again this year - he really wants to go, he brought up the subject - then I am definitely going to have at least a 4 day weekend for that.  So, maybe use my floating holidays, though I should still have 40 hours of vacation time at that point.  

So, yeah, I"m ready for some time off.  3 day weekend is nice, but I'm looking forward to 6 days off in a row. I haven't even asked for it - yet - but I will be. Starting on the 12th.  Well there is also Memorial Day weekend, which is another 3 day weekend this month.  The point is that weekends just fly by.  Not that vacations don't either, but there is a good chunk of difference between a 2-day weekend and 6 days off. Or if I just go for it, I'll take the entire week off and that will equal 9 days off in a row.  

Ummm, well I haven't really made my mind up yet.  

What I do know?

It's close to my bedtime and I am retiring to the bedroom for the evening.


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