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What conditions are necessary for you to sleep?  Do you have to have it pitch black or a light on? Or no light on, but outside light coming in through a window? Do you have to have dead silence or do you need a white noise maker? Or something in between? Do you sleep with the TV on or off?
I personally would love to sleep in true, dead silence.  I would sleep so well in such conditions.  In reality?  i have 3 dogs in the room while I am sleeping.  They scratch themselves; lick themselves; get up in the middle of the night and go drink out of the bathroom toilet (gross, I know); get up and rotate around in circles and lay back down.  Then there is Sophie, the new doggy, who will bark at people she hears coming through the back door.  
Of course, there are the tenants. Some of which are up all night long and are in the kitchen at varying times throughout the night.
Then there's the child-hood factor.  Our house in Pittsburgh - when I was a young kid of course - did not have air cond…

Road Rage!

I thought I had seen it all on Phoenix freeways, but this one takes the cake and puts the icing on the top.
I was cruising back from our main branch on I-10.  Heavy, heavy traffic.  Moving, though, maybe 55 mph, amazing traffic that thick was moving that fast.  I got off the transition to the Superstition freeway, but was observing a red, Chevy pickup behind me weaving in and out of traffic, making very aggressive moves, attempting to past everyone.

This isn't, actually, abnormal behavior to be seen on the freeways around here, there are many drivers that are in a big hurry and they don't care what risk they take in order to get ahead.  Well, I am in the inside lane.   That would be the "high speed" lane on 3 lanes on a huge ramp that curves around and turns in to the US 60 - Superstition Freeway.  If you don't believe the name of the freeway, you can just Google it.

Well anyway, there is a silver pickup coming up behind me in my lane.  The red pickup is 2 lanes …
There should be a website with that or similar name with a registry of people that drive vehicles who believe that engaging in texting, fixing your hair, reading blueprints, getting into deep conversations on the cellphone and a host of other things is safe, a-okay and won't ever have a problem.

Gruesome motorcycle accident not an hour ago.  Car on top of motorcycle.  You could see where the rider had flown off the bike and head first into the windshield of the car that struck it or it struck, with a huge hole in the windshield.  I see stuff like this pretty much every day while driving.

But whatever. Verizon Hot Spot mobile broadband device is not working that great again.  Another simm card gone bad?  I dunno, but it's gonna get old having to deal with it if that's the case.  Having to start up the "argument" with Verizon such as I have had to do with Direct TV over the years is not a very appealing idea, at all.

Scored a Direct TV receive…