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So, yesterday, this couple comes over to groom the new doggy.
They had their own equipment, but not one of those mobile grooming vans.
So, they are pointing at the sky to the north and saying it's going to rain.
Rain?!!  Sure enough, the sky was very dark.
And sure enough, a wind storm came through, knocked all kinds of stuff over followed by rain.

By the time the rain showed up, however, they were down with the bath part and we went inside
for the hair cutting.  The dog looks completely different now, lol.
They say every 2 to 3 months for the grooming.  Okay.  Maybe.  3 months from now we'll still be in August, so probably, since it really doesn't cool down until October around these parts.

As for the rain?  I went outside and got wet.  : )

Today is my Friday concerning work.  I have tomorrow off and still considering whether I want to drive up there or not - to mom's property that is.  Dunno, guess it will be my mood tomorrow that will determine whether I go up the…