Thursday, May 10, 2012

So, yesterday, this couple comes over to groom the new doggy.
They had their own equipment, but not one of those mobile grooming vans.
So, they are pointing at the sky to the north and saying it's going to rain.
Rain?!!  Sure enough, the sky was very dark.
And sure enough, a wind storm came through, knocked all kinds of stuff over followed by rain.

By the time the rain showed up, however, they were down with the bath part and we went inside
for the hair cutting.  The dog looks completely different now, lol.
They say every 2 to 3 months for the grooming.  Okay.  Maybe.  3 months from now we'll still be in August, so probably, since it really doesn't cool down until October around these parts.

As for the rain?  I went outside and got wet.  : )

Today is my Friday concerning work.  I have tomorrow off and still considering whether I want to drive up there or not - to mom's property that is.  Dunno, guess it will be my mood tomorrow that will determine whether I go up there or stay here and continue to put the finishing touches on the trailer.

Unfortunately, the wind blew the roof ac plastic cover onto the ground yesterday.  It was already old and cracked, now it's not only old, but REALLY cracked.  The worse part about it is they want unbelievable money for a plastic shroud.  Like well over $100.  It's just a blooming piece of plastic, for crying out loud.  Not sure what I am going to do about that, but another cover is not in the works right now.  Maybe next month.  Affordability is the key word and right now? I can't afford it.  Too many bills to pay plus paying to have the trailer moved.  It needed replaced anyway, just that now it's vamped up a bit in priority.  I didn't want to spend $100 or whatever on one of those things until I was absolutely sure the unit was going to work. So far, so good. I have had several days now where I have run it all day long and it is keeping it nicely cooled in there.

Whatever the case, I am definitely going to finish installing the carpet this weekend and then buy all the cheap stuff it needs.  Plastic bags; paper towels; maybe go on Craigslist and see if anyone is unloading kitchen ware; a couple of throw rugs - well probably 3 or 4 of them, stuff like that.

Stock it up with bottled water, coffee, coffee creamer and some basic, cheap-version spices from Fry's. You know, the dollar spices.  Works for me.

I also have to figure out the trailer lights and so, I will definitely have my hands full on Saturday if I don't do anything tomorrow, ie: making that trip up north.  I may opt out of the trip now that I think about the amount of work I still have left to go on it.  Umm, but boy it would be nice to take a day trip up there and get out of this polluted valley.

Well, whatever the case, about 9 or 10 hours from now I am done with work until Monday.

Speaking of work, time to go!



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