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So the battle with Verizon begins.
I am not going to pay for a service that does not work, and more importantly, I am NOT going to pay to disconnect a service that - does not work. I don't CARE if there is a contract, any contract whose services are rendered useless is not an enforceable contract.

Verizon customer service?  No different.  I have heard the same BS from everywhere before.  They have their regurgitated puke memorized.  They spew it out to whoever is on the line with them. Yada, yada, yada.  It is also no different than any of these other companies that, when you first call, you give the computer all this information and then when you speak to an actual person? They ask you the same information.  Then you get switched to another person that asks you - the same information.

This is my first real confrontation with this company.  But I have this kind of thing down.  They are all the same. Or mostly the same.  After I heard the attitudes, I just decided to cancel the con…

Thwarted Plans

My plan to take off up to mom's property today was put off.  I would have already left by now and be 2/3rd's of the way up there - at least.
Instead, I get a call from Caleb yesterday proclaiming that the car has a water leak.
Well, something has been making noise under there, but there are so many things so close together in that general area, it was impossible to tell what, exactly, was making the noise - at least impossible without buying a stethoscope.
Well, I do believe the noise issue has been identified: water pump.
Water is pouring the little hole at the bottom of the pump.
So, new water pump: $26.  Installation: $85.

Just arrived, the mechanic that is, full fledged into it.

But, too late now to make a trip.  Either do it tomorrow or just blow it off and talk with mom about it - she's going up on Sunday so she can tell me what's needed, if anything.

So, just waiting for this guy to get done so I can get started on the trailer again.  Shouldn't take…