Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

Well, I did some things today and contemplating more. First, I cleaned out one of the pond filters this morning - it was pretty full of fish junk, yuck - but I pour it out around trees and plants, great fertilizer!
Went to church. Nice time there, about 2-1/2 hours worth.
Went to Lowe's and bought the brass fittings needed to put a cap on the hose inlet for the trailer.
Went to the Chinese buffet and got lunch - for everyone here.

At dinner and now contemplating getting more done on the trailer.

Though, I really don't feel like it.  About this time Sunday rolls around and I start getting that lazy feeling.  I've spent the last 2 full days working on that thing.  I'm guessing I will find the motivation soon enough, just a few things I would like to get done in there today and then maybe resume tackling it tomorrow.

Oh, bought some hummingbird feeder concentrate, so I am definitely going to get the feeder inside, clean it out nicely and put fresh liquid in it.

Meanwhile, I am being subjected to a VERY loud phone conversation with Lynnette in my living room talking to her mother.  No, not fond of listening to loud conversations of other people on the phone, have some respect and take it somewhere else if you can't find it within yourself to just talk at normal volume when on a phone.  It never ceases to amaze me at how many people think that you, the person that ISN'T on the other end of the line, wants to hear every last word you are saying.

Well whatever.  Pond pump was already clogged up again, had to turn everything off and clean it out.  There was a big-time wind storm here a few days ago and it blew all kinds of junk into this particular pond.  The other 2 ponds seemed to have survived without a lot of junk, this one did not and it is taking up some time trying to clean out all the leaves and stuff in it.  Oh, that is the pump, not the filter.  I cleaned the filter this morning, that will be good for quite a while.  But, the pump will get clogged up and nothing or very little will be going through it.

Called mother today.  She went up to the property as of this morning. Wished her a happy Mother's Day.
She was a bit hyped because her goofy doggy took off.  But then she said the dog has done it before and always come back. Well I certainly hope it does this time, too, that dog and she are quite the pair.

I have nothing else.  Life is good.


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