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Spent a couple of hours after working putting trim - wall and floor - in the trailer.  Just a bit of that left to go and call it done.
My oldest brother finally emailed me back.
He said he was waiting to tell me whether he could be there or not.  He apparently does not go up to that cabin every weekend.  I think his work gives him overtime if he wants it and at the rate of pay I am guessing he is making, that is probably hard to turn down.  But, he said it looks as though he can go.

I wish I could get a job there!  Pension and 401k?!!

Oh well.  Don't get me started on retirement stuff.  That thing sits in my mind all the time.

Gonna start writing up the list tonight - like right after this entry. What do I need.  Gears will be cranking: what will I need that I am not remembering?  Foregone conclusion I will forget something - or several somethings - but I would rather remember as much as possible so it can all get into the trailer and not have to haul a bunch of stuff up there.

5 days.  The countdown has started, at least for me, the clock is ticking.  I still can't figure out what is wrong with the lights on that trailer.  Going to keep on trying.  I don't want to have to buy a set of lights that attaches to the rear with lines running alongside of it.  I doubt those are too cheap.  I am not sure the guy that is going to move the trailer will want to move it, though, without at least brake lights working.

Well, whatever.   The only other "thing" I need to buy for it besides that situation is a box fan.  The rest of what I need is just the basics - toiletries; bottled water; etc etc.

That's about it.  Just counting the days and trying to get all this stuff done before Saturday morning.  I have a bit of help with Mark doing things in there as well.  He is going to paint the new little table I made for the TV today.  Just to keep it from splintering, it is going to have a small table cloth draped over it.  Yes, we're talking dollar st…