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My Butterfly Koi - which has grown about 8 inches since I got him to a whopping 12 inches - came up to me a bit ago while I was cleaning out the pump and actually let me touch him!  Talk about knowing the hand that feeds you!

I just got done reading a report on some research that said that 8.5 million adults had sleep-walked in the last year.  I find it intriguing cause' as a kid, I did a whole lot of sleep walking.  The report said that if a person was going to fall down some stairs or something dangerous, then yes, wake them up.

There were many times I would wake up in the basement.  To get there from my bedroom, I had to walk across the house, down a flight of stairs, around a landing, down another flight of stairs, around another landing and another short set of stairs, back across the house, open the basement door, walk down yet another flight of stairs, across a 20 foot entry way and then another flight of stairs.  I walked down stairs so many times without ever falling whil…