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Exchanged Direct TV receivers with the guy in a parking lot - some 15 miles from here.  Not the end of the world excepting he had just gotten off work and wanted to meet "now".  He backed off a bit when I told him I was 20 minutes away and couldn't get there any quicker.  At least the guy was congenial when we finally met up.  I have no idea if this one is going to work or not and frankly, I am not going to try right now.  IN fact, I am not going to mess around with it until I get it up to mom's property as the card for it is up there, not down here.

I also received my new pond pump today.  That was some FAST shipping and this pump is far better than the one I had in the pond it is going into. That one bit the dust.  Lasted 2 years running 24 hours a day so I am not going to complain about it, but the intake housing design is flawed at best.  It gets clogged up too easily because of a very narrow housing. The one I got today has a very long and wide housing, takes mu…

Standing Down...........

I wrote earlier how my dad was being kicked out of his wife's house.
I emailed him via reply all to all that he had sent that email to and told him I would be happy to come down and help him move if he needed the help.
He has now replied to me saying that I must have missed his email saying that they are back together and that he is tending to his wife's every need.
No, I did not miss any emails, I never got that one.

But no big deal, reverting back to my original plans of spending next weekend, which is Memorial Day weekend, up at the property.  Nothing is ever set in stone in life, is it?

My Dad........

..........has been thrown out of their house by his wife!
I opened one of my email accounts a few minutes ago to find a reply to his original letter from one of my uncles.   I went searching for my dad's email and there it was.  His wife is sick and he says that she feels he isn't taking care of her.  She's a nice lady and things, but there is one thing that has remained true with all of the women that he has been with since mom and him divorced: they don't really like us, his sons.

I can understand that with my brothers shunning him, but I don't get it with me. I communicate with my dad regularly as well as my mom.

Anyway, this lady has told him to leave and apparently he is going to have to take all of his stuff out of there.  My dad is - 83 I think - and not in that great of a condition.  I read the email about how he has been "thrown out several times before", though I had never heard this from him about this situation, it isn't shocking.  The la…