Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well it certainly wasn't any fun out there yesterday.  I believe it got to 109 degrees.  The truck AC is not working correctly and does not keep it cool in there. It only keeps it from getting boiling hot.  Well, whatever.  I didn't feel too well after getting home after being out in that all day long yesterday so I didn't really get much of anything done around here.

It takes awhile for me to adjust to the extreme heat, which, by chance, is going to go away starting tomorrow, allegedly and the temps are coming WAY back down.  I'll take it for what it's worth and run with it.

I am going to buy a new smoke detector for that trailer - it has an old one in there but I'm sure it's ready to be trashed and replaced.  Though, it is unplugged when I am not there so I guess not a lot to worry about.  I am glad I wrote myself some emails from up there about the things I need to fix/acquire for it, I would have forgotten the half of it.

Just chattering.  Looking forward to another trip up North and spend a couple of nights there away from all this big city chaos.

Time for work.



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