Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Politics.  I have given it little attention in recent weeks because I am already sick of it - and the election is still quite a ways off.  I always love when the liberal media gives a Hollywood actor room in the news with whatever statement they are making about politics.  As if their opinion means a hill of beans.  The latest is Bruce Willis calling Romney "an embarrassment".  What about the Obama administration taking to task Romney on his company for buying out companies, as the ads claim and then loading them up with debt and taking whatever capital out of them.  I don't really care to be honest, I wouldn't vote for Obama if you paid me to, and that's a fact.  As far as I'm concerned, that guy is wrecking America and Lord only knows what kind of agenda he has en-queue if he gets re-elected.  He will not have a third term to worry about making people happy, I would guess his Socialist agenda - or perhaps the creation of his Kingdom more like it - will be rolled out in full furor soon after his re-election if that does, indeed, occur.

Which I hope it does not, but brace yourselves.

Anyway, I won't be going up north this coming weekend, I don't think so anyway, but I will have to make a trip up there the next weekend/Monday after that to take Caleb up to Heber. So I am half considering stopping by the trailer and get some stuff done on it, work on it for a few hours and then leave.  I was shown the water tank yesterday - mom had a huge tank installed up there after using a much smaller one for years.  That big tank is full at 1,200 gallons of water and the small tank is on a trailer which is used to bring water up whenever it is needed.  She won't do it, though, she really can't be hauling trailers around, it's enough that she's driving a vehicle without anything attached to it.

Oh, throw out there the only real reason I won't be going up there this weekend is the price of fuel.  if it was in the 2 dollar range, I could probably go up there whenever I wanted to.  But nearer the 4 dollar range, totally different story.  It isn't a long trip, about 230 miles round trip.  But, that's about 11 gallons of fuel or so, haven't really come up with a precise amount.  That puts a trip up there and back, in fuel alone, at around $45.  Not exactly cheap, though that is the only real cost incurred.  I would have to eat wherever I am at, so that's not a real added cost.  I suppose a little bit of electricity should be factored in.

Well, back to the workday grind.  Plenty to do this morning if I recall correctly in looking at it on Friday.  A good thing, I don't much care to start a new work week with nothing to do.



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