Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I was in a good mood all day today at work.  In fact, I have been in a pretty darn nice state of mind since starting this mountain business.  But financial constraints will put a halt to the mountain activities unless, of course, I want to put the fuel portion of it on the Chevron gas card.  But I am not going up there this weekend, I have concluded to around 99% positive at this point.

Tenants definitely need to pay me this week.  Well, one has committed to paying it on Monday - an entire month's worth, that will help immensely.

This is the trouble this country is in.  An MSNBC host is "uncomfortable" with calling fallen soldiers heroes.  Asshole.  The guy's lucky someone doesn't deck him.  What an idiot, making such a stupid, calloused, unbelievable statement on a national forum such as the one he hosts.  How many more like this freak?  Is he uncomfortable also that the entire world isn't under a Hitler regime right now?  Does someone have to bring war to our land for these morons to understand what this world would be like right now if we hadn't taken it to them?  Yes, it pisses me off.  STUPID people.  It reminds me of the shit that went on with the Iranian crap that went on in the 70's and those that live here, in the US, going around saying how bad this country is.   Those people in Pittsburgh where I was a little boy at the time? I'll never forget.  They got their asses kicked upside and down.  They went around spouting off to the wrong folks and those folks that love our country didn't have a problem sending them to the ground and subsequently to the hospital.

A nation of pansies and wimps, that's what we are becoming.

But our nation's military? Oh, I have the highest respect for anyone that has served or anyone that is serving.    You signed on the dotted line and whether you went to war or not, you were fully cognizant that that possibility existed and that you might end up making the ultimate sacrifice. Regardless, you sacrificed your life for whatever time you were in.  You might have loved the entire experience, even better, but it's still a sacrifice.

I just read that junk and about blew a fuse.  Coming back down to Earth now.  I could find nothing on MSNBC about this guy's statement, which may or may not be there, if it is it's certainly not at the top of the list.  Or the middle of it.


Local news. RARELY ever watch it, but it was on when I turned the TV on, which I don't do a lot of anyway - just feel like watching a movie.  So, here's this older gent in a neighborhood maybe 7 miles away from me lamenting about his neighbor who recently was forced out of his house and left a bunch of - cats - behind. Yup, he called the ejected person an animal hoarded.  Oh, how I can ever-so-loving identify with that.  Found fresh cat poop in my front yard - again.  Cat hoarders living on 2 properties behind me and another that is in cahoots with them living 2 properties over from me.

I have some things to get done before sundown, later.

I am getting precariously close to the "broke" stage.  Send out mortgage, car insurance payment and keep electricity running?  Fortunately, Friday is payday and tenant money will be coming in soon enough.
I will be considering upping the rent for Mark and Lynnette as well.  She is making money at this point and I gave them a reduced rate because of their situation.  But, if their situation is improving, I need more money out of that room.  2 people with all that entails living in that room would normally get me $150 more per month than what I am charging them.

Electricity, folks, it's all about the electric bills.  And water, for that matter. The heat forces me to have to water much more frequently or I can kiss many of my plants goodbye.

I am also awaiting the lien release for that trailer. As soon as I get it, I'm putting it up for sale.  Selling it would give me a cushion to bounce off of and not have to worry about any potential "disasters" that might arise.  It's that or another 401k loan, which I REALLY do not want to do.

Oops, it's time for work : )



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