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I guess I will have my hands full with calls to various corporate headquarters this coming week, including Verizon Wireless; Fry's Food and Drug Stores and Direct TV. Verizon will probably be a battle since I have had few dealings with them and will take some time to figure out what it takes to get to the "right" person.  Fry's  corporate probably has my name flagged by this point, though I haven't contacted them in quite a long time, today was enough.

The newest general manager of the store I frequent? I just talked to her on the phone.  So this is the situation.  I bought a package of "fresh" chicken thighs yesterday.  I decided to look at the expiration date not 20 minutes ago and saw that the package had a due date of - TODAY!!  So, this general manager gets on the phone and I inform her of the situation and ask why her store is selling meat that is due to expire after the next day.  Meat- I don't care which kind you buy - is extremely expensive…

Saturday 6/2/2012

Edit: I am not finishing this post, got distracted yesterday and just didn't have time, just posting it in whatever form it is.

Umm, so, these leaf eating wasps or whatever they are are destroying a certain kind of my pond plants and attempting to do in my Taro.  I had enough.  Got some insect killer and started spraying the leaves of the plants that are out of the ponds.

Lo and behold, however, I stood there and watched a Dragonfly going after one of these leafeaters.  Sight to behold.  The leafeater was flying it's brains out, attempting to get away from the thing, the Dragonfly was like a laser guided missile: honed in and not letting up.  I dunno how that ended, they both disappeared.  Dragonflies or not, they are not doing the job in keeping these bastards from eating up my plants and I am now on the warpath.

I saturated the entire swath of plants that are hanging over the side of one of the ponds-  that stuff isn't going to get in the water and kill my fish.  The por…