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So, I was asking the lady on the telephone, am I supposed to come into your store at some certain time of day to buy meat?
I was talking to Fry's corporate yesterday about the situation with the general manager of the store I frequent.  That woman  - the general manager that is - is NOT customer friendly.  I have watched her for some time now dealing with people and it's pretty ugly.  She has the personality of a rock.

Anyway, I told them the entire store and then demanded a gift card be sent to my home.  Thank you.

I haven't gotten to Verizon yet.  That company is much like Direct TV in that you have to navigate through a bunch of computer junk to get to a real, live person.  It takes a while for me to get the motivation up to want to actually go through all of that - but once I do, I'm good for the rest of the game, however many calls has to be made, it gets done.

This month is looking pretty ugly on the financial front.  I've paid almost all the bills owin…