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Irritated People

A recent situation brought a situation from the past to mind, something I will never forget.

I was driving a belly-dump up north, in Flagstaff.  A bridge was being built over the railroad - which was much more of an ordeal than I figured it should have been, but whatever.  The company was paying for a hotel room and some amount of per-diem.

Well, being up there all the time meant doing my laundry at the hotel's laundromat.  When I use a hotel laundromat, I keep track of the time it is going to take to both wash and dry the clothing so I will be there when it's done and get it out of the washer and into the dryer or out of the dryer and back into my possession.

Well, it happened. One night, I had a load in the dryer. I had the time down on to when it was going to be done, but I had gone in there 5 minutes previous to check.  Yup, it was about 5 more minutes until it was done.  I had noted that a load of clothes was running in the washing machine and it was about done, not my …