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I've been scratching my head for a couple of weeks now as to what, exactly, is going on with one of my ponds.  The fish used to come right out when I would come to feed them.  Now?  Either I have a lot fewer fish in that pond or there is something going on with it.

I couldn't figure it out.

Until today.  I came home, put my stuff in my room and then immediately went to the side door where the pond is located - right on the patio slab.  It's a horse trough turned into a pond.  No-one goes on that side of the house, hence, I was comfortable in putting that pond right on the cement slab.

I opened the door and was as startled as the giant bird that - took off.  It was a Heron.  I don't think it was IN the pond because the water wasn't muddled, in fact, if the "facts" about Heron are true, they can't really fish unless they can wade into the pond.  Which is why I never gave it any consideration.  I've heard this information from a dozen different sou…