Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I was looking online yesterday for some ideas of how I could build a much larger pond without having to dig up all of that rocky, dense soil.  Why of course, an above ground pond.  But - a nice one.  Can be built with bricks; blocks or even wood.  Most of the ones I saw they had inset it into the ground about a foot and a half, though.  Still would be somewhat costly since it would involved buying and underlayment and a liner.  Not to mention the pump and filter assembly.

Just floating things around in my head.  What's next, really.  Stay here or move.  Never have quite answered that question to myself, it's just something I haven't figured out whether I really want to go through with all of that or not.

Well, anyway, back to work today.  3 days off is nice.  I would like to do that more often and considering the amount of hours I have saved up at work for vacation, not improbable.  I haven't heard back about my 2 day vacation request for the 4th of July, the 2 days after it to be precise.

Caleb returns from the mountains on - the 30th I believe of July and starts school the 3rd week in August, so if we were going to go on a fishing trip, it would have to be in that 3 week period in between.  I'm not sure I can come up with even half the money for such a trip by then, but we'll see.

No tenants moving out on the horizon, though that can, of course, change quickly.  The young dude considers this "home" if only temporarily.  He went home to California this weekend but when he got back here he simply stated it "is nice to be home again".

Interesting mix I have now.  No major issues, either.  Nothing I can't tolerate or deal with anyway.

Might get a run up into the mountains in the semi today, not sure yet but there was talk about it last week and I put in my bid to the salesman to hold off on it until Tuesday if he can, which is today.  I would really like that, but not going to be terribly disappointed if it doesn't happen.  Just would be nice : )



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