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I did end up going to Globe yesterday, both to the customer and then the customer's customer.  He buys stuff from us and the sells it.

I ended up going into a mine I haven't been into before.  I think it's the 5th one I've been into up there.  I had to watch yet another, 20-minute safety video.  I have never encountered any other industry that has as much safety regulations as mining operations.  They are REQUIRED by law to educate anyone that isn't a recognized miner, regardless of who you are or what you do.

So, I got done with that and was instructed to go back to my truck and wait.  I couldn't just walk straight back to my truck, either.  I had to walk west to a parking lot, then through a designated (and extremely visibly marked) walkway between rows of cars, up to another walk way, head back east and out of the parking lot and back to my truck.  I guessing I wouldn't have got run over if I would have just been able to walk - straight back to my truck…