Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I did end up going to Globe yesterday, both to the customer and then the customer's customer.  He buys stuff from us and the sells it.

I ended up going into a mine I haven't been into before.  I think it's the 5th one I've been into up there.  I had to watch yet another, 20-minute safety video.  I have never encountered any other industry that has as much safety regulations as mining operations.  They are REQUIRED by law to educate anyone that isn't a recognized miner, regardless of who you are or what you do.

So, I got done with that and was instructed to go back to my truck and wait.  I couldn't just walk straight back to my truck, either.  I had to walk west to a parking lot, then through a designated (and extremely visibly marked) walkway between rows of cars, up to another walk way, head back east and out of the parking lot and back to my truck.  I guessing I wouldn't have got run over if I would have just been able to walk - straight back to my truck.  Lol.  But, I am used to this kind of thing, you do whatever they tell you, if you don't, they simply won't let you in.

Well, I waited there for 20 minutes before a pickup from the entrance highway - yes, they have their own, private highway - came up and told me he would be back in a few minutes.  Yup, I've heard that before, I was already on my laptop reading news stories on the internet.  3G connection, but that didn't bother me.  Another 20 minutes later he came back and we - did not even go into the actual mining operation.

Instead, I was taken down a winding, curvy dirt road laden with signs about a place called "Haunted Canyon".  It rang a bell, but didn't quite remember it.  Well, this guy was in a big hurry and pulled way ahead of me.  Sorry, dude, I am driving a tractor-trailer rig on a winding, narrow, dirt road, not going that fast.  Gotta have time to react to the unknown - the thing that probably isn't there but you have to be ready for just around another blind, tight curve.

I saw half a dozen of these Haunted Canyon signs which REALLY piqued my curiosity.   It must be a popular place to go, as this was actually a forest service road, as designated by the signs, not a total mining road. There were MANY small signs advising the traveler that yes, this is a public road, anyone can use it.  How do you even hear about a place like this, much less find it?

Well, got the pipe off the truck and then started heading back.  The inevitable call came - go somewhere else instead of back to the yard, something else has come up and we need you to do this, that and the other thing.

But a nice drive.  I don't get very many of those in the semi anymore, I relish each little tidbit that's thrown at me.  It's MUCH different driving on open highways than driving in the city.

Well, I just checked on the internet for Haunted Canyon.  Lots of pics and lots of info, apparently a popular hiker's destination and the pics looked very nice.  I wouldn't mind making a trip up there and taking a half day hike. Maybe take a dog with me for the fun of it.  NO, not all 3 of them, JUST one.  Those Great Danes are not good for long hikes, they simply won't last.  Sophie? I think she could go forever.

So, fast forwarding to the end of the work day today.  No sense in going into all of that, just another day driving in heavy, city traffic with a high percentage of extremely stupid drivers.  I get very tired of it.

I am slowing down to turn into the driveway into the yard and see .......... a Chandler police SUV parked in front of our store.  Okay, that isn't what got me, what got me going was the "Commercial Vehicle Enforcement" words on the side of it.  What was this person here for? Although I can't say I didn't have any close calls today - that happens every day - nothing out of the ordinary.  Well, whatever.  I know I didn't do anything wrong and I did my normal thing and then entered the shop.

Turns out the guy is a customer, wanting to buy some gas fittings (natural gas line) from us.  Though, we immediately went into a conversation about enforcement - he was eager to go there so I went there with him.  He was extremely interested in the new regulation (I have read on numerous sites over several year's span that the trucking industry is the most highly regulated industry in the U.S.) about DOT certification.  Otherwise known as the medical card.  If you are pulled over and you can't show one, you, the driver, are put out of service, the same as they do with a truck that isn't fit to be on a highway.  Lol.  I already knew this rule, but thought it funny he was alllllll over that.

I was more interested in the new texting regulation.  Had he caught anyone doing that?  Nope, he said, but he is ALWAYS looking, spoken quite adamantly.  Yup, already knew that.  Don't take that wrong, I don't think ANYONE should be texting and driving, period.  I have seen enough of it.

Well, the day is over, it's my bedtime and.....yes.........I am going to bed.



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