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I don't think that kid knows what kind of serious trouble he could get into.
When you starting acting out road rage and if you get caught, you are likely going to be hauled off to jail.

I am referring to an incident that occurred not 15 minutes ago.

I was getting into the middle lane. The kid in the white, Nissan pickup truck was in his lane at the time.  I was  2/3 rd's of the way into the center lane when he decided he was going to come over.  I already have legal entitlement to that lane.  I moved back over a bit, he got back into his lane and I then finished my lane change.

Trust me, he was NOT coming over when I started my lane change.  I am a truck driver, that's all I do is drive in mostly heavy traffic all day long.  The name of the game is to stay out of accidents, regardless of who may be at fault.

Well, whatever.  This kid is stuck in his lane now and I move on.  After the traffic behind me clears - not enough for him to fit in, he cut off another pickup up to…