Thursday, June 14, 2012

I don't think that kid knows what kind of serious trouble he could get into.
When you starting acting out road rage and if you get caught, you are likely going to be hauled off to jail.

I am referring to an incident that occurred not 15 minutes ago.

I was getting into the middle lane. The kid in the white, Nissan pickup truck was in his lane at the time.  I was  2/3 rd's of the way into the center lane when he decided he was going to come over.  I already have legal entitlement to that lane.  I moved back over a bit, he got back into his lane and I then finished my lane change.

Trust me, he was NOT coming over when I started my lane change.  I am a truck driver, that's all I do is drive in mostly heavy traffic all day long.  The name of the game is to stay out of accidents, regardless of who may be at fault.

Well, whatever.  This kid is stuck in his lane now and I move on.  After the traffic behind me clears - not enough for him to fit in, he cut off another pickup up to get in the lane I was in because my lane was moving faster.  Now I am watching him because he is driving erratically.  I get over to the next lane - when it safe to do so, he is now stuck in the lane I was in.  I put on my turn signal - I was turning into my neighborhood.  He  not only cuts off another vehicle to get into my lane, he also has to hit his brakes, hard, to slow down to make the same turn.

Now?  I am pulling out my gun.  Not so he could see it, I don't know if you can get into trouble for an alleged charge of "brandishing a pistol", who knows.  The case it was in was on the floorboard and I simply opened up the case.  I am not going to be the victim of road rage and Arizona's castle doctrine applies to inside your vehicle as well as inside your home. This kid is right on my bumper.  I am guessing he's between 17 and 19 years old.  I turn.  He turns.  I turn again - onto my street.

I stopped several houses down from my driveway.  I thought it a bad idea to pull into my driveway and have that kid know where I live.  He pulls up beside me and then in front.  I am completely stopped and waiting for whatever's next.  He flips me off out the window of his vehicle but has not stopped, driving very slowly - I did not flip him off back. I take very seriously this kind of issue: people get killed, end up in hospitals and prison I then move behind him.  Apparently he thought he could scare me, as it became obvious he wasn't really game for getting into some kind of physical altercation.  I had no fear, whatsoever.  Now I am following him out of my neighborhood.  My street exits out onto a main artery and there is no way I am pulling into my driveway at this point, BAD idea.  I can just see this kid coming back at night and damaging my car or house or who KNOWS what.

He left the neighborhood -with me behind him.  This went on for a mile before he tried to ditch me.  Which was fine, I was well away from my place and I made a left turn heading a completely opposite direction from my neighborhood, but went right through a parking lot and headed back home.  He had run a red light at that point and I wasn't chasing him anyway.

Here's the real problem with people in this state that get mad in traffic, angry enough to start following a person, flipping that person off and basically making it known you have ill-intent towards that person.  The problem, is that many of us carry guns.  Law abiding citizens, that is.  Don't want to use them, but will if back is against proverbial wall.

I know at least a couple of readers that will have a problem with that.  I can't help you.  It wouldn't bother me in the least to take the life of a person that is attempting to take my life.  Period, end of story.  There is nothing more to say about it.  If they are going to kill attempt to seriously harm you, a person has a right to defend him/herself and that's that.

Completely changing the subject: some days I like watering my plants, other days I just want to get it over with. Today was the latter and just got done with it.  It's hot outside - 109 - and I just didn't feel like it.

With that, I'll end this one.



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