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I had no more finished a blog entry this morning, walked out the door and headed for my car when I saw a dog running down the street.

Upon closer observation, it became immediately apparent this was no dog.  A coyote.  I took it by surprise - though definitely not intentionally - upon exiting the gate and closing it.  That thing stopped and gave me a look.  I made the same noise to it that I make to my dogs when I am not happy with them.  Can't really describe the noise........but it was enough to get that thing moving again.  Fortunately, it was not traveling in a pack as they are known to do.

I know the mountains are only 2 blocks away from my house, but there is a major surface street between them and my house.  However, not really all that surprising.  Probably looking for food - whatever kind it can find.  I have heard coyotes will definitely take small dogs, I don't know about cats.  Plenty of both in this neighborhood.  I don't really have to worry about that.  My …

Back To The Truck AC Issue

Today? I had had enough.  Anyone that reads this blog may remember my trials and tribulations with the semi truck I drive at work whose AC was not working properly.  We had taken it in last year to fix it and then took it in again several weeks ago.

Well, it still isn't working properly.  That's 2 visits to the dealership, a total of 8 days in their shop and 8 days of renting another truck to take it's place plus a total of 3 grand - yes, $3,000 to fix it.  For that much money,  I better need a coat to wear if I leave that thing on high, which is what is USED to do before it broke. That cab would get icy cold regardless of the outside temperature.

When I got the truck back, it felt okay at first, but later on that day it didn't feel all the great.  Fast forward to now-extreme temperatures and it's simply not good enough.  It's "lukewarm" in that truck and that is NOT what we paid for.

As usual for me, I decided that twice in the shop was enough.  I c…

Tuesday 6/19/2012

What a miserably hot day yesterday.  I looked at the temp outside at 8:30 and it was still 105 degrees.  And, of course, it's not going to get any better, any time soon.  Triple digit temps going above 110 slated for many days in the near future.

Good reason to try and get up to the mountains for a couple of night's stay this coming weekend, if at all possible.

Neighbors to the east of me were forced - for the dozenth time at least - to clean up their property.  The city finally acknowledged my complaint about the property behind me as of yesterday.  They will have to go out there - again - and determine what, if anything, they can do.

My dad and uncles are talking about another reunion.  They wanted us young-in's to deal with it, but many of us young'in's are in no financial position to be able to even think about doing anything like that. And I'm definitely not asking them for handouts.  Instead, I am attempting to find ways to save money for when Caleb com…