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Down to 2 candidates.  Let the s*** fly, obviously.  Although, it was a pretty dumb remark on Obama's part to say that the "private sector is doing just fine" and his apparent idea that to fix the economy, we must hire more government workers.  This is the problem. We don't need a bigger government, we need a smaller one.  I shell out about $800 or more per month to the various levels of government, the Federal government taking the largest portion of it.

I don't mind paying taxes, I do mind paying that much in taxes.  I would be happy if they took maybe half of that figure out.  I am beginning to feel like we are into this "taxation without representation" scenario simply because our representatives do whatever they please once they get into office.  They do not listen to their constituents.  They get to Washington and fall into the same old routine that's been going on for at least decades.

Whatever.  Hump day.  After spending all that money on …