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Yesterday morning, upon arriving at work, I went to roll the driver's side front window up. Nothing but noises when I hit the switch. Insanity.  I took the car in some time ago to have both windows fixed.  The cost about floored me when the auto repair service presented the bill: almost $900.

Well, that's because the entire unit inside the window has to be replaced when something on it breaks.  It used to be that you could replace parts on the track and motor assembly, apparently not anymore, which makes that assembly cost over $300 a piece.  Fortunately for me, the auto repair shop I took it to is a very reputable service facility and they took care of it under warranty.  They were sending the replaced one back to the auto parts store they got it from for credit.

Today, I suffered some sort of heat related illness.  Heat exhaustion I guess.  I was down in a mine up in the mountains. You would think it would be much cooler up there, but, not so here.  Same temps in that mine …