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The Fatification of America

Do we wonder why America is becoming obese?  Burger King's newest burger boasts 1,000 calories of pure junk and a LOT of fat calories.  I mostly don't eat stuff like that.  Well, hardly ever, really.  I'm still a bit overweight - about 10 pounds or so, but nothing like a couple of people living here.  One of which is somewhere around the 400 pound mark.

How do I know? Unlike my great lack of skill in being able to estimate people's age, I am usually pretty close on guessing a person's weight.  I have learned that having extremely heavy people living here is not the same as having normal weight people, either.  I would go into it in detail, but, I  really am not looking to hurt anyone's feelings.  If you are obese, I can't help you - but you can help yourself.  I know, I know, there are some that have medical conditions that make them heavy.  Don't doubt that, what about the rest?  I'm actually shifting in to the camp of agreeing with a fat tax.  I&#…