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Well, I found a huge tuft of cat hair - chunk of skin with it - in my front yard.  There aren't too many cat predators around here that I know of, I certainly had nothing to do with it, so, it leaves me to wondering about that coyote I saw trotting down the street the other day.  Once they find food, from what I have read, they will be back if they think there's more.  That thing wasn't trotting around in this neighborhood for a morning exercise run.

I got into work this morning, the dealer had the tractor brought back and I fully expected the AC to be fixed, over and done with.  Instead, the driver comes walking in, hands me a sheet of paper with an estimate of how much it's going to cost to fix the AC.  I thanked him and called the shop supervisor.  "We did not have authorization to repair the truck because we could not get a hold of anyone".

Call to the service department general manager.  He's being a - as my manager likes to call it - douche bag.  I…