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It's become at least fairly obvious to me that that heron has been back.
Those fish in that particular pond are not coming out of hiding, only the smaller fish are showing up. I see the bigger ones lurking under the giant plant, but they are definitely not even coming out for feeding.
I do have a few more things I am going to try.  Well, actually, I am going to cover the pond up with nursery-grade screen and unless that bird can go through heavy duty material - which I am guessing it cannot - that will put an end to that.

The only question that would leave, however, is will it then find the other pond only 15 feet away?  No telling, but I have to do something.

Meanwhile, the cat crap piling up in my neighbor's yard behind me was enough.  There must be a hundred pounds of it laying out there.  I called the Humane Society - they have their own fleet of personnel that goes and checks on animal abuse cases.

I had Direct TV come out yesterday and figure out why that receiver I boug…