Thursday, June 28, 2012

So, I get home and find a notice that was hanging out front.
It's from the mortgage company.  I call them an deal with it.  I sent out a payment and a half last month but they have the half payment sitting there as a "credit:" to my account.  When they sent me the bill a few days ago, it didn't even show that that money had been received, that it was sitting there as a credit, etc etc etc.

Of course, Midland Mortgage Company usually has very rude associates that answer the phone and today was no different.  I completely cut her off after she started in with the tones and asked for management.  The guy that got on the phone told me about the "credit" - I asked, where's my $500?  -  and then I proceeded to tell him what I thought of that, not applying money to an account after they told me I could send in a payment and a half; about the rep that had been on the line before him and then into my current status, which is when he cut me off.  I had not done that to him, yet, but he started talking over me in very loud tones.  Fine, I demanded to speak to his manager.  Unavailable, but I can leave a message, which I did.

Next.  I turned the people behind me in to the Humane Society a few days ago about the cat crap.  Mark comes out and hands me a card from the Arizona Humane Society, they had been here today saying that someone complained that I had been beating on one of my dogs this morning - Duke to be precise - with a belt.  Of course, I hadn't beaten any dogs this morning, this was those people behind me attempting to retaliate.  Apparently Lynnette dealt with the woman to the point that she already closed the case and said she wouldn't be coming back, lol.

I am not through with those idiots behind me, however.  Since they LIED about a situation, which I did not - I can take pics of the massive amount of cat crap in that yard - I am now going to move on with a complaint to the city prosecutor's office.  They actually take complaints about animal droppings that are not cleaned up!

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