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So, I get home and find a notice that was hanging out front.
It's from the mortgage company.  I call them an deal with it.  I sent out a payment and a half last month but they have the half payment sitting there as a "credit:" to my account.  When they sent me the bill a few days ago, it didn't even show that that money had been received, that it was sitting there as a credit, etc etc etc.

Of course, Midland Mortgage Company usually has very rude associates that answer the phone and today was no different.  I completely cut her off after she started in with the tones and asked for management.  The guy that got on the phone told me about the "credit" - I asked, where's my $500?  -  and then I proceeded to tell him what I thought of that, not applying money to an account after they told me I could send in a payment and a half; about the rep that had been on the line before him and then into my current status, which is when he cut me off.  I had not d…