Friday, June 29, 2012

I went to the research study last night.  We talked for 2 hours about water conservation in Arizona.  Some interesting statistics were brought up, such as at the rate we are going now, sometime down the road, fully 7 rivers will be completely dried up and several more will be almost dry in places where extreme water pumping is going on.

The whole point, apparently, is that there are individuals, corporations and whatever else using a LOT of water, which in turn affects the water supply statewide.  I don't know who was paying for this  research, but they certainly were looking for feedback on a proposed law that would be introduced.  It was interesting, at least, 2 hours and then?  $85 cash.  Yup, cash, not a debit card, which was even more surprising.

So, neighbors, what's next?  Yup, there was a guy out there last night banging away on an old shed structure.  I went out there to see what was going on, it was my bedtime and I am not going to be kept awake by such noise.  Never saw that guy before.  He stood there, staring at me, so I just started right back.  I didn't say anything, went inside the house, the noise went on for another 10 minutes and that was that.

Apparently, however, they are being forced to clean up the animal droppings on both properties.  Stay tuned for more "Animal Wars".  The woman lied yesterday to the Humane Society, telling them that I was out there beating my dog with a belt and she also lied in court.  What other levels is she capable of stooping to?  I have several more things I am going to do - legally of course - in calling the city.   But that's not today, I have no such desire at this point.  It comes and goes.  Sometimes, I think about what those people did in court and I get mad enough that I start making the phone calls and filling out the forms.  That, in turn, sends unwanted scrutiny to both of their properties.

Meanwhile, Direct TV.  I bought a receiver a while back, had Direct TV come out and check it, it works but needs an access card.  Great, I have a couple of extras.  So, I proceeded to call Direct TV yesterday to get one of the cards activated.  The woman on the phone said great, that was an "owned" receiver, meaning it was not leased from Direct TV.  I'm told if it was leased from Direct TV, I would not have been able to get it activated.  The woman goes on how it's great news that I can definitely use the receiver, but, I cannot use the access card that came with it since it belonged to someone else.  ???  Okay, well I have a couple of them here..........she cut me off.

Do not cut me off in the middle of a sentence.  Especially ANYONE at Direct TV.  She went on to say how they won't activate a card I already have, they have to "build" one and send it to me, at a cost of $20 of course.

This is where the disconnect comes in a big way. Maybe a year and a half ago, I bought a receiver off of Craigslist, came home, called Direct TV, they activated the card in it over the phone and that was that.  She didn't want to hear that and began reciting to me company policy, which is when I had had more than enough of this woman's rudeness and asked for a manager.   Something like 15 requests later for a manager, she finally gets one.  Yes, she absolutely refused to get a manager and I informed her that I would be calling corporate and having the conversation reviewed - since they can do that because all phone calls are recorded - and have fun with that.

The manager was as useless as that woman, mainly because it wasn't a real manager, just a supervisor.  Sometimes they can help you, usually they cannot.  I asked to speak to his manager, who, of course, isn't available but I can set it up to have him call me within 48 hours.  Yes, why don't you do that.

I then called corporate, who shuffed me back into the main phone system. NOT.  Called again, the woman  did it again.  I then went into the main phone system, gave it my information and when prompted, I said: disconnect.

Get to the dude on the other end of the phone.  I explained to him the situation but figured I knew what his offer was going to be before he offered it:  a $20 credit to my account to pay for the card.  Yup, but he threw in $5 extra in case there were shipping charges or any other BS that might be dumped on it.  Thank you, thank you very much and was connected then to the card center.  Look, Direct TV simply does not have employees, for the most part, that know how to treat it's customers.  The lady in the card center was full of all kinds of facts about cards that I did not want to hear.  "It's been this way for the 4 years I have worked here", referring to not being allowed to activate cards over the phone.  I had already recited the situation with the receiver I had bought last time.

Are you going to send me a card or not?  I then told her that, on 2 accounts, I have been with that company since the late 90's, so please don't tell me what your company has and has not done in the past, I already KNOW full well.

After that conversation and card promised within 2 to 5 business days - meaning sometime next week of course - I called corporate again. This time, the same lady answered and I simply told her if she dumped me off in the main system again, I would make sure that, when I do get through to someone, that your actions will also be reported.  She gave me an actual manager.  I demanded that the first person I talked to in this conversation, that that conversation be reviewed and whatever action deemed appropriate be meted out to that individual.

This is pretty much a standard conversation with Direct TV.  If you don't agree with them, they get nasty, rude and sometimes condescending.  There was NO way I was going to pay $20 for a card, the likes of what you see them using at a hotel for a door key - that probably costs them 20 cents.  It's just another sham.

Well whatever.  If I get off of work early enough today, I will definitely be heading up to the mountains.  Just depends when I get off of work, I don't want to be arriving up there in the dark is the point.  It's not going to be worth it to me to drive up there tomorrow morning and just stay one night and leave again Sunday morning. If I can't spend 2 nights up there I mostly will not want to go.

Well, time to leave for work.


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