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I went to the research study last night.  We talked for 2 hours about water conservation in Arizona.  Some interesting statistics were brought up, such as at the rate we are going now, sometime down the road, fully 7 rivers will be completely dried up and several more will be almost dry in places where extreme water pumping is going on.

The whole point, apparently, is that there are individuals, corporations and whatever else using a LOT of water, which in turn affects the water supply statewide.  I don't know who was paying for this  research, but they certainly were looking for feedback on a proposed law that would be introduced.  It was interesting, at least, 2 hours and then?  $85 cash.  Yup, cash, not a debit card, which was even more surprising.

So, neighbors, what's next?  Yup, there was a guy out there last night banging away on an old shed structure.  I went out there to see what was going on, it was my bedtime and I am not going to be kept awake by such noise.  Neve…