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Up at the property again.
Came up yesterday after work, get here around 5:30pm, said hi to mom, talked about and then disappeared into the trailer.
This morning, while still cool, I took the dogs for a nice, long walk. They loved it and I totally wore them out.
It's warm out now, in the 90's.  It's going to be 113 in the valley today, so take the 90's and anyway, the AC in this trailer works very well, keeps it as cool as I want it to be.
I absolutely love it up here.  No constant interruptions and people asking for this, that and the other thing.  They all have my phone number - tenants that is - if some emergency comes up, I am definitely available by phone.

Since I am waiting for a card for my receiver from Direct TV, I brought up my bedroom receiver instead.  It was VERY easy to find the satellite this time - with one that works lol - and I have had DTV since shortly after I started setting it up.

I am going to have to ask, I guess, as to whether I am getting T…