Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm an "Aggressive Panhandler"

This is hilarious!~if the person posting it weren't serious I would have thought just a joke.
Whatever.  You are welcome to NOT read my journal if your disagreement with my actions is to the point that you apparently find me sub-human.  I must be an "aggressive-panhandler" because I try to get as much out of the company I am doing business with as I can.

I don't remember panhandlers giving out money.  Do you? I pay Direct TV $83 per month, that's hardly chump change just to watch TV, my actions in attempting to get more than they are offering for that amount of money is so far removed from pan-handling, that I am amazed this person, who is normally a lucid, coherent person with some amount of reason, would even say such a thing.  If the company doesn't want to give what I am asking for, then they don't have to.  A panhandler stands on the streets and gives  you a look. I give Direct TV money - there isn't anyone that can RATIONALLY tell me that negotiating with the company I am dealing with - for the money I am paying - even REMOTELY resembles being a panhandler.  I DEFY you, in logical, realistic and rational terms, to spell out your reasoning.

You cannot, thank you.  But you are welcomed to give it a try.  Bargaining and panhandling are on 2 completely different levels.

Off of that subject - though laughable at best and ridiculous to think that someone would equate the 2 in the same sentence - I forgot to close the roof vents on the trailer.  Bad on me.  If it rains up there, the inside of my trailer is going to get wet.  Notably, my bed and my bathroom. Bathroom, okay. Bed, not.  I was 30 miles away from the property before I realized it and - too late.  Not driving back that far, losing that much time and wasting that much gas for it.  If it rains, the bed will dry.  Rain is scarce in these parts, including the mountains which are dried out to the point that severe fire restrictions remain on all national forest grounds throughout the state.

The pastors invited whoever to come to their newly rented house on the 4th for a BBQ - bring your own food.  So, I am going, I think. I wasn't really planning on leaving on the 4th for the property, anyway, I was thinking of leaving on Thursday morning and coming back on Saturday late morning.  I wanted to spend the 4th with humans, not with dogs only on a property out in the middle of nowhere - which I love, yes, but I like human company as well.  That gives me 2 nights up on the property, which is enough for me for anyone trip.

For the future, I will be thinking about how I can get a trailer with pop-outs - it creates FAR more room and much nicer.  A 2 pop-out trailer would be nice.

That's it for now.  Hoping for a 2 day work week and then 5 days off, not really sure on that yet.

Okay, per the last post, a trailer didn't show up down there until 3:00 pm. So I drove 450 miles, went to bed at a truckstop and drove t...