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Aggressive Panhandling

I've never even heard of this term before "someone" wrote it as a very in-your-face comment here, in my blog.
So anyway, earlier, I wanted something to eat and since I am on holidays - vacation - I decided to have a delivery.  But, no pizza, thanks.

Mr. Goodcents.  I didn't call them.  I ordered on line.  1 sub and 1 cup of chicken noodle soup.  I have never ordered from the before.

When the delivery driver showed up, I took the bag with the food inside, handed him the money including a generous tip and away he went and I - put it off for a while because I was still doing things out front with the pond out there.

I'm assuming the individual that called me an aggressive panhandler will now call me a thief.

That's because when I got inside the house, very hungry indeed, I opend up the bag and found my container of soup and 2 subs in there.  Not one, but 2 of the type of sub I had ordered.  Did I call them and tell them of the screwup? Nope. Caleb had a friend w…


That was my description to the supervisor that finally called me back today.  The property behind me.  We went back and forth for over half an hour, but the man was adamant that he WOULD take care of this problem.  I am not going into all of that, but I can finally say that I think I have FINALLY talked to the right person to get this situation dealt with. 
Adding here that while we were talking, he pulled up an "aerial view" he called it, more like and probably a satellite picture - of the property and agreed that this property didn't look very good and totally understood why I might have a problem with it.
Meanwhile, all movie channels fell off of Direct TV today.  I by-passed all of the normal routes and went directly to the disconnection department.  You tell the computer that is talking to you who you want to speak to and walaah.  They don't identify them as the disconnection department and you don't have to tell them you want your service cancelled, instead…
I'm reverting it back to a day trip only.
If we even go, the trip to San Diego and Sportfishing.
I was talking with an individual yesterday at the pastor's house git-together who had been on several
of those trips and was commenting on the overnight trips.

The bunks you sleep on are down below, below water level.
That isn't the part that bothered me, I don't care about being below water level, the next part is what got me going:
It gets very hot down there.  The air is stifled.  There is no air movement and it's hot and humid.

Oh.  I'm glad I ran into her.  The pastor chimed in and asked if it's possible to just sleep on the deck?

She didn't know but I thought it probably would be, they don't really care WHAT you do on the deck as long as it isn't dangerous.  But, no thanks. A whole day on the ocean fishing is enough, anyway. Maybe if we can swing it, we can get into SeaWorld and spend a day there as well. Or go for 2 1-day fishing expedition…
Well isn't that wonderful.  A complaint I filed against the neighbors behind me - junk, filth, cat feces - hasn't even been investigated yet.  I filed that complaint almost 3 WEEKS ago.  I called just now - to the City of Phoenix that is - because I haven't seen anything going on over there in terms of cleaning up the property.

My next move is to call the City's Zoning department and find out how to file a complaint on property encroachment.  The dirt from their property is pushing the wood fence out - into my property - and the fence is beginning to break apart.

Just got off the phone with them.  The first lady told me I needed to speak to a supervisor, fine by me.  Upon giving this second person the address of the violators with the unpermitted structures, she was perplexed. She asked me if it was the correct address?  Yes, I am QUITE sure of the address, thanks, I have already reported this address to your Neighborhood Services Department in the past and I found t…
I have been battling in my mind for some time now as to what to do about this house/property.  Short-sell or stay.  I wouldn't actually have any problem, whatsoever, in short-selling excepting that I would end up having to rent.

Well, I found out some interesting information yesterday while at the pastor's house.  With Intel building it's new microprocessor plant, there will be 5,000 new jobs come along with it.  Intel is, of course, actively hiring.  Their qualifications are high.  You have to have a college degree AND your grade point average has to have been at least 3.7.  I know this because an individual at church tried to get in - he had a 3.5 grade point average and that isn't enough for Intel, even though he has 2 family members that already work there.

Amazing.  But, that's Intel.  On it's construction site for the new building, they demand a high level of excellence/quality/attentiveness to safety. Companies have, I have heard from personnel working…
Apparently the Verizon Wireless supervisor I tried to speak to, who wouldn't listen to a thing I had to say, interrupted me numerous times as well as talking right over the top of me and then hanging up on me - thought that nothing would come of it.

The issue was the first mobile broadband device I had returned. They had informed me that they hadn't received it yet and my bill was going to stay the same - almost $300 because they tacked onto the bill the full amount for that device plus taxes.

I informed the first lady I was speaking with that I had no intention of paying that inflated bill...........who cut me off.  I stopped talking, listened to her rhetoric and then asked for a supervisor.  She refused.  I simply sat on the line waiting for her manager, who finally agreed to put her supervisor on the line.  She also dished up the same regurgitated substance as the first person, excepting this person was extremely rude and almost arrogant. She informed me that after they do…