Saturday, July 7, 2012


No, neither my trailer nor my house.
More like, the road, Arizona 87 and more specifically the "Long fire" has shut down the road to go home.
I didn't make this up, my mother called me a few minutes ago to alert me to it and asking me where  AZ 188 is? No clue, I had to look it up.
Near Rye, which is down the mountain from Payson, which is my road home.
Not panicking here.
That area is desert brush.  I am guessing/really hoping that by tomorrow morning, when I wanna head home, the road will be reopened.
It would add at least 100 miles to the trip home to go around it - there IS no alternate route through there.  Not that I know of, anyway.  I would have to go up to Show Low, back down to Globe and on the 60 back.
PLEASE, Lord, let them get that fire contained or at least the road re-opened in a quick hurry.  That road is a major artery to the Payson and surrounding areas.

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