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87 was re-opened yesterday. They sent out a huge contingency of hot spot firefighters, air craft and whatever else and had that fire put out quickly.  Drove by it on the way home, I have no clue how it started, but since it was directly on the side of the road, I assume some dingbat threw a cigarette out a car window or something similar.

Well anyway, 5 days off coming to a close, the reality of work and heat back in my face coming soon.  I could take 2 weeks off right now and still not feel like it was enough.  I intend on taking more time off next month.

The dead Sissoo tree.  By all rights that tree was dead.  All of it's leaves were crispy brown.  It was a "victim" of the drip system not working.  I fixed the drip system and spent 2 weeks watering the heck out of that tree.  I figured to give it a try before chopping it down.

My hope was based on the winter 2 years ago where the freeze was so bad, every single Sissoo tree on my property (I have something like 20 of…