Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So, manager is leaving town tomorrow and will not be back until 2 Mondays from now.
The person taking his place is an inside salesman.  This person - does not have time - for running a store and doing the work he normally does - at the same time.
When the cat's away, the mice will play?
It means I will be undoubtedly be working overtime hours in shipping and receiving - especially receiving and putting away materials.

I have to be honest here.  I like OT, no doubt, but in this heat?  By the time I have pulled orders; loaded the truck; get the truck to it's destination; help unload; go over the order; get into the truck and repeat - and finally getting back to the yard up to 9 hours later?  I'm done, exhausted, wiped out and ready to go home.

The heat is really getting me this year.  I mean, I endure it while I'm out there and no complaining, sweating profusely I might add most of the day, but by the time 2:00 pm comes around, I'm ready to go home.  The humidity levels are higher and that is what is really making it miserable out there.

Brace myself, right?  Indeed.  I think about the time quitting time comes around and I still have a bunch of work to do, I am going to get a gallon of cold water, go outside with it and dump it over my head.

I came home from work today and just plopped down into a chair. Uhhh, but I had stuff to do, including cleaning out a pond filter.  It's a bit of a job.  The thing was clogged up and no water was coming out of it.  It was filthy - full of fish dung.  There is enough filter material in there that it stops that stuff from getting through there, but it doesn't take too terribly long for it to build up and then clog up.

With fish as big as I have in those ponds, they need good, filtered water with a good movement of water going through that pump and out that waterfall.

It was 92 degrees this morning at 5:45 am.  It's 7:30 pm and it's still 107 degrees.  We don't get the benefit of a huge cooling event during the night. It "cools" down, but not like up in the mountains or other places in the U.S. where much cooler temps come.  When you walk outside in the morning and it's 90 plus degrees outside and it's not even 6:00 am, yeah, there is a bit of a mind game going on there.

Yes, I am commenting on the heat here.  Others can comment on the heat wherever they are.  That's great, but in many of those places, it cools down CONSIDERABLY at night.  I know because I have looked up various cities throughout the U.S.  When you walk out your door early in the morning and it's cool out, it definitely helps with your view of the day in considering being outside most of it.  Yes, it might be getting hot, but at least it STARTS out cool.  I walked out of my house this morning and between the 92 degrees and the humidity, I was dreading the day.

Whatever. The pond filter is clean.  The plants are watered.  The dogs are fed.  I am full.  Life is good regardless.

I could comment on other things, especially politics, but, who cares.   Maybe all those groups on both sides of the aisle could donate all of that money they are spending on negative ads and give it to a charity.  I made up my mind a long time ago.  It isn't necessarily a vote for anyone, it's a vote against the big spender.  Who wants to spend more and tax more.  And reduce our military.  And on and on.



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