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The City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Division; Planning and Zoning; Waste

The City of Phoenix.  A circus unto itself.  If they tell you they are going to do something, I give it, at this point, about an 80% chance that what they say they are going to do? Will NEVER happen.

Case in point (and I have several of recent versions, not to mention instances from the past) is my discussion with a "manager" in the Zoning division last week.  We had a long conversation about the property in question.  Namely, the 2 structures built on the property that could never pass a city inspector's inspection and the extension cord they are using to provide those structures power from the next property over.

The conclusion of the discussion is that she was going to send someone out to inspect the property and that she would call me back after that inspection was done.

Of course, neither ever occurred, as I just got off the phone with a person at the City that states there is nothing in their system about it and that he knew nothing about it - which this particular…
So last night, this horrific smell comes into my room.  I assume someone out there cooking something - nasty from the smell of it.
Well, I was awake anyway.  There was a thunderstorm with loud booms going off every few minutes, seconds, intermittent - couldn't sleep through all that noise.

After a while, the noise finally subsided and I went back to sleep.

I came out here - my kitchen - this morning and it smells unbelievably bad in here.

The kid tenant - the 22 year old.  This is what Lynnette just came out and informed.
She said she came out here last night after the smell hit their room, found a pot of beans on the stove, the burner was on high, the entire living room/kitchen/hallway filled with smoke, the beans looked as though they were going to start a fire.

Are you serious?  This isn't the worst of it.  That guy just left it like that.  In other words, he turned that all on and NEVER showed back up to turn it off.  Lynnette went and knocked on his door, he didn't a…