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The drama continues.
The hoarders behind me - that own both properties that both border my property.
The city apparently told them they can't live there anymore, on the property that has no house but is filled with junk and ugly shack looking things.
So, these people - however they are related to my "neighbors" have now moved into the shack behind where my "neighbors" live.
I'm going to have to take pictures of all of this nonsense, in fact, I will.  I'll have to get on top of my house to get pics of the property with all the junk - they put up garage doors to block my view of it. You don't believe me.  Yes, they put up garage doors in the rear of the property in order to block my view of their property.  However, the roof of my house is well high enough to look over the top of those garage doors.

I will do that tomorrow.

Anyway, this shack behind the house is elevated.  I live on a hill,  basically, the properties behind me are at a higher elevati…
Well, I saw an accident today that was interesting.
A young guy - I guess between 18 and 20 - was cranking away on a bicycle.  I passed him while driving down the road.  I was stopped at a stop light a ways down the road, he was cruising right along.  The stop light I was at? An SUV was turning right at the intersection.  He had his turn signal on, it was obvious - at least to me - he was going to make a right hand turn.

It wasn't so obvious to the bicyclist, who came into my field of view as I started moving forward and saw him out of the corner of the eye and then? Saw him SMASH into the side of that SUV that was turning right, his body taking most of the brunt of the impact as he flew off the bike and smashed into the side of it and then slid down onto the asphalt.

I was completely amazed as this kid shook his head on the ground, got up, started looking for all the electronics that had also flown everywhere, went to his bike while the driver stopped and got out of the car.  I …