Friday, July 13, 2012

The drama continues.
The hoarders behind me - that own both properties that both border my property.
The city apparently told them they can't live there anymore, on the property that has no house but is filled with junk and ugly shack looking things.
So, these people - however they are related to my "neighbors" have now moved into the shack behind where my "neighbors" live.
I'm going to have to take pictures of all of this nonsense, in fact, I will.  I'll have to get on top of my house to get pics of the property with all the junk - they put up garage doors to block my view of it. You don't believe me.  Yes, they put up garage doors in the rear of the property in order to block my view of their property.  However, the roof of my house is well high enough to look over the top of those garage doors.

I will do that tomorrow.

Anyway, this shack behind the house is elevated.  I live on a hill,  basically, the properties behind me are at a higher elevation than mine. On that portion of property, there is a 4 foot fence.  The shack and house are well elevated above mine.  These people are now standing there, staring at my property and I am - starting to get pissed off.

I doubt the city will do anything about it, either, if I contact them about it.  The only resort I have to do anything about it if these people are there long-term - which I have to expect - is to build a block wall there at least 8 feet high.

I dunno.

I guess it's time to find the city's codes online and start reading - all of it.  I have had enough of this BS.
Well, I saw an accident today that was interesting.
A young guy - I guess between 18 and 20 - was cranking away on a bicycle.  I passed him while driving down the road.  I was stopped at a stop light a ways down the road, he was cruising right along.  The stop light I was at? An SUV was turning right at the intersection.  He had his turn signal on, it was obvious - at least to me - he was going to make a right hand turn.

It wasn't so obvious to the bicyclist, who came into my field of view as I started moving forward and saw him out of the corner of the eye and then? Saw him SMASH into the side of that SUV that was turning right, his body taking most of the brunt of the impact as he flew off the bike and smashed into the side of it and then slid down onto the asphalt.

I was completely amazed as this kid shook his head on the ground, got up, started looking for all the electronics that had also flown everywhere, went to his bike while the driver stopped and got out of the car.  I had also stopped and was going to get out, but this cyclist wasn't having anything to do with anyone helping him, it was pretty crazy, really.  For as much impact as that kid's body took, I thought he should have been checked out by medics at the very least.

He was having nothing to do with it.  The driver didn't want to call police and I shrugged my shoulders and left.  The driver had damage to his vehicle and frankly, that kid was riding on the sidewalk - not legal in these parts.  Cyclists are required to ride on the street.

Whatever the case, the weekend is here.  Not going up to the mountains.  It rained here today, hard and long.  I was all over the place and it was raining everywhere I went.

Except my area.  I don't get it.  I came home and dug my fingers into the ground - dry.  WHAT?!!!  I asked Mark if it had rained here. He shook his head no, it had dropped a few droplets in the morning but that was it. With all the rain that dumped around here today, and the area around the mountain where I live not getting hardly any of it, I actually ended up having to run the drip watering system today.


Oh well.  Becoming  the new norm.  No rain, don't expect it.  At least, not anywhere near where I live.  I don't know if the mountain behind us has anything to do with it or what.

I'm through.  Well, just throwing it out there: Obama campaign saying that Romney may have committed a felony.  Ummm, I am not a fan of Mormonism, but if a person is a devout Mormon?  Crime is pretty much a far-fetched thing besides the rogue mormons who want to engage in polygamy.   If the Obama administration is going to stoop to the levels of calling his opponent a felon, then it becomes obvious or at least apparent that Obama?  Is desperate.

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